Sustainability Indices and Ratings

The maturity and transparency of the Group in terms of ESG policies and practices are positively evaluated by independent rating agencies. The Group's positioning on the capital market in terms of sustainability is strengthened thanks to the rating obtained and its inclusion of Unipol and UnipolSai in the "best in class" national and international indexes managed by ESG rating agencies.

Standard Ethics is an independent ratings agency on sustainability that provides a “solicited” rating system. The Unipol Group and UnipolSai have formed part of the SE Italian Index since 2015 and 2014 respectively; UnipolSai has formed part of the SE European Best in Class Index since 2018.

UnipolSai is included in a number of S&P ESG indexes including the following: S&P Developed LargeMidCap Carbon Efficient Index and S&P International Environmental & Socially Responsible Exclusion Index. UnipolSai also has a Paris Alignment in line with the Paris targets of between 1.5° and 2°.

We take part in the annual ‘Carbon Disclosure Project’ on climate change, where we publish the data on the performance, policies and practices relating to the impacts and opportunities linked to climate change in the context of our company activities. Unipol Group had a “B” rating for Climate Change in the year 2022.

MSCI assigns an ESG rating of BBB to UnipolSai and A to Unipol Group. The Unipol Group is included in a number of ESG indexes, including the following: Europe Small ex Controv Weapons and ACWI IMI Low Carbon Target.

The MIB® ESG index is the leading ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) index dedicated to blue-chip Italian companies, created to identify big, listed Italian issuers who show best ESG practices.

Since December 2016, UnipolSai has been included on the FTSE4Good index, designed to select the companies that prove to have solid environmental, social and governance practices compared to the recognised standards at global level.

Institutional Shareholder Services is the main global supplier of proxy advisor corporate governance. UnipolSai and the Unipol Group received a C rating with “Prime” status by ISS ESG in 2022. Prime status is assigned to the companies with the best ESG performances.

UnipolSai and the Unipol Group are included in the Stoxx ESG indexes, with the main ones being: STOXX Italy 45 ESG-X, EURO STOXX Total Market ESG-X, EURO STOXX Total Market Climate Transition Benchmark, EURO STOXX Total Market Paris-Aligned Benchmark. Stoxx uses Sustainalytics to select the most virtuous issuers from an ESG standpoint.

ECPI is an Italian company specialised in ESG ratings and sustainability indices. UnipolSai is included on the 2014 ECPI World ESG Equity index and since 2021 has been included on the ECPI Global Developed ESG Best in Class index.

Sustainalytics considers UnipolSai and the Unipol Group to be part of its “comprehensive universe” or “core universe” on the basis of market capitalisation and inclusion on the main global and regional indices.