Sustainability Report - current financial year

By measuring the results achieved in relation to the commitments made on material issues, the Sustainability Report offers a comprehensive and transparent description of the UnipolSai Group’s role and responsibilities towards all stakeholders.

The content of the Report is selected on the basis of a process carried out every three years (defined “materiality analysis”) which takes into consideration emerging trends (identified and constantly updated by the Reputational & Emerging Risk Observatory, stakeholders’ expectations (collected by listening to employees, customers, agents, suppliers and the community) and the strategic priorities defined by management.

The most significant issues that emerged from this analysis included human capital development, product and service innovation, actions for climate change adaptation and mitigation, and data protection and enhancement.

Based on these findings, the Sustainability Report describes Unipol’s commitment in the various “roles” it plays: as an insurance company with its duty of social protection, as an institutional investor, as an employer and as a player in society.

The Sustainability Report is completed by other Unipol Group documents that give an overview of financial and market performance, supplemented with the assessment of risks and opportunities that will affect the business’s development in the medium and long term.